Molly Whiskers and the Blue Tentacle

Private detective Molly has an eye for detail and a strong moral compass. She's also a rabbit.

Her newest case involves a number of disappearing hamsters, but hot on their trail are Roscoe and Bailey, two of Fogsworth's finest police detectives... who, it should be mentioned, are cats.

Lurking in the shadows are the retired military minds of the town, including an obese pug and his colourful canine henchmen, who serve a sinister mastermind.

Molly must team up with the cats and build new friendships, if she's to save the hamsters and rescue her new assistant from the clutches of the Professor.

This story is written by Mark Steadman (under the name Ashley Kingslund), and read by Imogen Church, with sound design and editing by Mark.

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Who is Molly Whiskers?
Who is Molly Whiskers?

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